What do we do?

High quality customer relations is an indispensable element of success in business life and it is vital that your customer can reach you at any time. For this reason, it is important that the telephone, which is your main communication tool, and the communication system it is connected to, have the efficiency to show growth flexibility with your company. For this reason, Türtelefon is close to you as a telephone with its expert staff in solutions such as IP PBX and peripherals by assuming the duty of authorized dealers and dealerships of brands such as UNIFY (formerly Siemens), Cisco, Samsung, NEC and Telista.

Who are we?

Our company, which was established in 1992 after the closure of Türk Telefon A.Ş., owned by BİLTEZ Holding in 1991, has been providing services for ISKRA PBXs since 1996, and has started to provide sales and after sales technical services for SIEMENS telephone PBXs since 1996. We add NEC Philips in 2010, Cisco and Samsung telephones and network products in 2013 to our sales portfolio.

IP Communication Solutions

Innovative IP communication solutions for small and medium businesses.

Many Feature & Easy to Use

Many features suitable for SMB budgets, easy use supporting features in large systems

Exactly What You Need

Communication solution where you will pay for your needs and get full value for your money.


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